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Professional Model Jig & Drill Press

Order # 15-1290: 1/2" Straight Shank Jet Drill Press - 110 volt, 60 cycle
Order # 15-1291: 1/2" Straight Shank Jet Drill Press - 220 volt, 60 cycle
Order # 15-1292: 1/2" Staight Shank Jet Drill Press - 220 volt, 50 cycle
(#2 Taper Model can be ordered on request)
Order # 15-1000: Professional Model Jig Only

The Professional Model Jig is one of the original products manufactured by Jayhawk. It has been in use in pro shops all over the world for the past 35 years and was totally unchanged in design until February, 1996. With any cup style jig you must always loosen the ball from it’s clamps or vacuum and move the ball to align it to the drill bit. Every time you do this you lose the alignment of the ball in your jig. With the Pro Jig, you start by aligning the tip of the bit on the centerline of the grip then swing the ball from to back making sure that the point stays over the centerline. Once this is accomplished, the ball is square in the jig. This means that no matter who drills that customers ball - it was started from the same point, meaning it was drilled or duplicated more accurately.

The Pro Jig will allow the operator to drill all three holes in the ball before removing it. This is still the most accurate way to drill and has always been the heart of Jayhawk’s drilling philosophy.  The Pro Jig is mountable to any drill press that has 5” of spindle travel. Once the ball is in place, the operator can pivot the jig to alight the ball without changing the pitches that have been set.



  • Allows operator to accurately drill all gripping holes before removing ball from the jig.
  • Operator has complete control of pitches with easy to read pitch gauges.
  • Adjustable rubber tipped clamp assure positive ball clamping.
  • Anodized parts not only provide many years of trouble-free service but give your shop the professional look that your customers are looking for.
  • Minimal set up as the machine is fully assembled and calibrated in our factory allowing you to spend more time with your customers.
  • Bench model allows for use of minimal bench space.
  • Complete instruction manual and a Jayhawk span rule included with every machine.
  • Complete 1 year warranty.

Common Questions about the Jayhawk Professional Model Jig and Drill Press:

  • Why is it important not to loosen the ball between drilling of each hole??
    • It is important for a number of reasons. First, no 2 people look at things exactly the same way. If 5 different people place a ball in a cup style jig with no reference to the balls alignment, no 2 people would have the ball in the same position.  This will cause slight variations in the pitches from ball to ball. In order to provide accurate work for your customers, every ball must be started from the same point.  A perfect example of this is the customer who comes in that you have drilled several balls for. He tells you that one feels great, another is close and there’s something not quite right with this one. Nine times out of ten the reason for this is that there is a slight difference in the pitches due to the fact that the ball was not in the jig squarely before you started. It may even look fine when you check with a pitch gauge, but remember that most pitch gauges are only accurate to within 1/16” or 1/32” .
  • I have an older Professional model Jig. Can I still buy parts to repair it??
    • Yes, you can!  Jayhawk still carries replacement parts for our original design. In some cases, the parts have been redesigned to make them even more reliable than before. We also have drawings of the jig. Let us know if you need one to help you locate the parts you need and the part number.
  • I have a milling machine already. Will the Pro Jig work on it??
    • Sorry, but no. Because of it’s design, the handle that is used for moving the right and left lateral pitch will not be accessible. In this case, you should check out the Tri-Oval Jig as it is designed specifically for milling machines.
  • Is there a lot involved to setting this machine up??
    • No. If you purchase the machine complete, it will come fully assembled and ready to use. All you will need to do is place the machine on your work bench and plug it in. If you are purchasing the jig only and using it on a press you already have, simply make sure all of the settings on the jig are at zero. Set it on the drill press table and connect the 4 bolts that come through the bottom of the drill press table into the jig.  This should take approximately 15 minutes.  We will provide all of the necessary hardware.
  • Can I do oval holes with the Professional Model Jig??
    • Sorry. Due to the overall design of this jig it is not possible to drill oval holes. If oval holes are required, you should take a look at our milling machines as they are designed for creating oval holes.
  • What is the difference between a drill press and a milling machine??
    • Milling machines have 2 tables, one will move left to right and the other will move front to back. These tables are also movable in increments as small as one thousandths of an inch (.001). This, by itself, allows the pro shop operator to be as accurate as possible. In addition, the tables may be manipulated after a round hole is drilled to allow the operator to make small cuts on the side of the hole and create oval holes. Drilling from the side of a hole works with a milling machine because the spindle of the machines is much heavier than a drill press. This keep the drill bit from wanting to drift during the drilling process. An average drill press may weigh 150 to 200 lbs. and a milling machine will weigh 650 to 700 lbs. Remember, on a drill press you do not have the moveable tables that allow you to drill oval holes.

The Professional Model Jig is also available in these combinations:
15-1291 - Professional Model with Jet 1/2” SS Drill Press. 220 volt/60 cycle.
15-1292 - Professional Model with Jet 1/2” SS Drill Press. 220 volt/50 cycle
Special Order Models:
               - Professional Model with Enco #2 Taper Drill Press.  110 volt/60 cycle
               - Professional Model with Enco #2 Taper Drill Press.  220 volt/60 cycle

Interested in financing options? Check out our lease-to-own program.

For ordering information or if you have any questions, please check out our Contact page. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.







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