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Ball Spinners

Jayhawk Multi-Purpose Ball Spinners

Jayhawk Multi-Purpose Ball Spinners are built for the Pro Shop Operator. What makes Jayhawk ball spinners the best?

  • The most important thing to look for in a ball spinner is the construction of the ball cup and base of the ball the spinner. Jayhawk ball spinners are made with all metal construction for years of use and durability. Plastic ball cup spinners tend to crack or break more easily and end up costing you more money in the long run.
  • Look for a ball spinner with a high torque motor. Most consumers ask about horsepower when purchasing a ball spinner. What they are really looking for is a spinner with a high torque rating. Torque is the force that is created when a pro shop operator places their sanding paper or polishing pads on the ball to peform ball work. Ball spinners with a higher torque rating do not slow down as the operator works on the bowling ball.

Jayhawk Multi-Purpose Pro Model Spinner

Order #15-3200 - 110 volt
Order #15-3250 - 220 volt

  • This spinner has the highest torque rating of anything on the market. It’s new heavy duty motor lets you apply as much pressure as you like and never slow down the ball.
  • If you want a quality made spinner that will provide long term service, this is the spinner that is made for you!!

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Dual Speed Spinner
Order #15-2775

  • Extra heavy duty contruction
  • Unit come fully assembled
  • Designed to mount in work bench by cutting a 12" x 17" hole
  • Hands free operation with 2 Foot Control Switches
    • 1 for On/Off
    • 1 for Speed Contol

Dual Speed Spinner with Cabinet
Order #15-2700

  • Our most practical model comes with water proof cabinet
  • Ball spinner sits inside to keep shop neat and tidy
  • Convenient door allows room for storage under unit

Replacement Ball Spinner Parts

Order #15-3005 - Cup with "O" ring
Order #15-3021 - Cup "O" ring
Order #15-3035 - Cup, shaft and bearing assembly with "O" ring

More information on resurfacing products:

Supplies, sandpaper, sanding discs, CAB blocks and polishing pads

Bowling ball polish and finishing products


For ordering information or if you have any questions, please check out our Contact page. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.








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